BT Home Hub 4 Wishlist

This is a wishlist of what I want in the next firmware upgrade. I hope someone from BT will read this, or someone forward it to them. I will add more points if I think it is nessascary. 


Manual Power Save - I know the HH4 advertises eco-technology, it turns off certian features when not needed etc. But some of my devices remain connected to the internet so the manual power save is not going to turn it off. I know I could just do this with Access Control but I much prefer a universal time limit.


Turn off BT Fon within the Hub Manager - I know you can disable it by logging in to opt-out but for me I forgot my details and have only remembered itUsers should have control on what can be allowed and not. I still have BT-Wifi operating in the 5Ghz band, talked to India but they "don't know".


Ability to turn off certain indicator lights - When I disabled Wi-Fi on the 2.4Ghz band it immediatley displayed a orange light, I don't reallly like this...I mean, I know its turned off!

I've moved your thread to the Ideas Bank - if more people deem these to be good ideas please upvote the thread. If we get a lot of interest we'll be sure to forward this off to the Homehub development teams to let them know these are functions people want.
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I think alot of people would be very intrested in this!

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Also I think people should have control of their equipment. In this case, the Home Hub 4. We should be allowed to change DNS and other advanced settings that power users may need. 

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Adding to what I just said earlier. Add quota settings so my iPod in a given period can only download 5 GB and then they cannot access the internet after this time period has been reset or passed. This wil be useful for families who have limited data packages such as the 10GB and 40GB.


Example: iPod Touch


Max Data allowed to download: 5 GB (user adjustable)


Time period: 1 Month (user-adjustable)


Another thing to add. QoS (Quality of Service) This could be another thing. A cerain device could only be given 10mbps while others can recieve higher or lower.


Better page control in the error log and the ability to download the whole of a log or a filtered log which is multiple pages as a single page. Also make the searches there search the whole log not just the current page, which almost makes the logs not fit for purpose.
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If you want them features.. upvote it.... Its the pink arrow.

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Also. If this does get sent to the HH team, please include these comments!

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Would it be possible to enable the showing of the adsl stats as in the homehub 3 ? I have found these to be invaluable in tracking down a connection/interference issue ?

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Yeah. I can't add that to the list, but all you can do is upvote it.

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Upvoted! ADSL stats is a must!