BT Home Hub 4 Wishlist

This is a wishlist of what I want in the next firmware upgrade. I hope someone from BT will read this, or someone forward it to them. I will add more points if I think it is nessascary. 


Manual Power Save - I know the HH4 advertises eco-technology, it turns off certian features when not needed etc. But some of my devices remain connected to the internet so the manual power save is not going to turn it off. I know I could just do this with Access Control but I much prefer a universal time limit.


Turn off BT Fon within the Hub Manager - I know you can disable it by logging in to opt-out but for me I forgot my details and have only remembered itUsers should have control on what can be allowed and not. I still have BT-Wifi operating in the 5Ghz band, talked to India but they "don't know".


Ability to turn off certain indicator lights - When I disabled Wi-Fi on the 2.4Ghz band it immediatley displayed a orange light, I don't reallly like this...I mean, I know its turned off!


website suitability access control at hub level - some teenagers dont seem to want to add software to do this to their laptops!


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I am liking all these ideas so far. I also have my own ideas to add:


The ability to change hub light brightness at certain times

Being able to set the hub's lights to go dimmer during the night, and brighter during the day


The ability to set own dns servers and MTU

I have been wanting this feature for so long, but it has never been put into any of the versions of the hubs. It would be great if this would be the first to have it in the next update. It could be put in advanced settings and maybe to change it could have an extra layer of security in case, and also a reset to default DNS and MTU settings button could be put if it doesn't work.


More led flexibility / Led activity

When I used to have the HomeHub 2, I really liked the way the led's flashed when there was activity in the network (Downloading a file, streaming etc). Maybe we could have this back on the home hub 4 with the same time with the leds?


Possibly set a default homepage for all devices

Just like how smart setup is done, maybe there could be an option on the home hub to forward the device to a set page every time it connects. Would be a great feature as I wouldn't have to set it up manually on every device.  

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@kenkyle236. About Led activity... This can be done already if you have the Openreach modem, if you are on Infinity packages. However, this could be uselful if you are a ADSL user.

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Also guys. If you have anymore features you would like, add it here and upvote it. I do belive that the equipment we buy should be capable of what it can do. custom dns, logs, adsl stats etc.

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@TimSmedly. Parental Controls could be added such as OpenDns. This could only be achieved if Bt allowed us to change dns servers. 

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Another thing to add.


Turn automatic power save off. Sometimes it kills the connection to the devices which is really annoying.

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Why is only one of the ports 1 Giga make them all 1 Giga.




re DNS and MTU these can be defined at a per interface level on your device, i.e. your 802.11 (wireless connection), your ethernet port on your PC/Laptop can both have there settings defined locally, just easier on a Mac rather than a Windows PC where Micro$oft have made significant changes to the interface with each version of windows.


And it is defined separately if you use an IPv6 tunnel (via another router - Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsules have been able to do this for at least 5 years, mind you it is more strict to say my over 5 year old airport express can do it - it may have been introduced with a firmware upgrade.)

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A guest WiFi login ... handy if my kids have friends round and they want to connect to the wifi ... better than me handing out my wifi password.


Most routers these days have guest wifi access which allow access to internet only but not the local LAN.


BT Wifi is all very well, but no use for ah-hoc guest connections ... the guests could only use it if they had a BT broadband account !

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@alansmith That sounds like a really good idea! A speed limit could be implemented on it as well.