BT speedtester simplification

BT speedtester simplification

Recently the BT speedtester has dsiplayed some additional input requests for me (though it stopped today)

This means a number of inoputs and confirmations thus



1 click to yes radio button confirm you have done that stuff on the first page

2 click on ADSL/Fibre to the cabinet speed test

3 enter your phone number

4 then asked if this is the correct number prompt yes/no

speedtester does some stuff, then...

5 then asked to tick radio box prompt and if you want to continue with a video service quality test - 

6 then prompted to select continue or exit


This means I cannot go off and do something else and I must wait for prompt and respond


What I would like is

1 enter phone number

2 do test


How nice would that be ?



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Whoops - didn't mean to "rate" this. I was looking at it on my mobile and saw a button labelled "ratings 1". I thought that by pressing it I'd see who'd rated it, but instead it changed to "ratings 2" !

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Hi looks like Wholesale  are trialling a new beta speed test  has no upload speed or ip profile though 

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When I used the BT speedtester for tests 1 & 2 as an Orange subscriber, I found it pretty easy to use; however when it entailed moving to the next level (Test 3), and fiddling around with changing IP names, or whatever it was, well it did not work. I had another go a few weeks later, and "made it have it" .......... and success! However these public usage testers should be programmed to be more robust, as frustration leads to switching offSmiley Mad