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How about Customers only using their download usage in the day time between busy working hours like 8am to 6pm, but after 6pm they do not use any of their download/limit/internet usage allowance.


So if they use there internet throughout the day they would be using there internet usage

but if using it after 6pm they do not incur any of their internet usage limit.



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5pm to midnight is the Internet busy period, not during the day Smiley Wink

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Interesting idea Alza, I checked this with our broadband team and it is something that has been considered in the past however we wouldn't want to dissuade customers from using the internet as they wish (i.e. people would feel that they had to wait until the free usage period until they consume their service). We want customers to make the most of their service freely which is why we have a portfolio which allows for low, medium and unlimited use. It would also tend to create a second busy period when the free period begins which could impact the speed / quality of service for others. Thanks for the suggestion though, Kerry