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Changing password, username etc

Changing password, username etc

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I might be wrong but I don't see anywhere that I can change my login details (except for e-mail address). It is a good security principle to change a password at least every now and again - it might also be good security to change username but that might cause problems with an individual's rating. At the minimum I would like to be able to change my login password.




hi wedding,


Thanks for this... you can change your password by clicking on the 'My settings' link near your log in and then clicking on 'Password'.


Hope that helps



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Many thanks bian, I hadn't spotted that - makes my idea a little superfluous I think. At least I tried.



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I don't feel too keen on letting people change usernames as more often than not on a forum, this leads to abuse.


Not only that, but people build a reputation on their names.



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Status changed to: Implemented
Closing this idea as implemented as the option to change passwords is available within the settings as mentioned. Re: the usernames, this is not something we would look to change as would be confusing to other members if people changed their names. Thx Kerry