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Choose multiple time ranges for Power Save facility in HomeHub 3.0

Choose multiple time ranges for Power Save facility in HomeHub 3.0

I want to be able to get my home hub to power save at night (i.e. when I'm asleep) and during the day (i.e. when I'm at work).


Currently it seems that a user can only specify one time range which means that I can not save as much power as I'd like (without switching the hub off).


Surely this feature would be easy to implement for a future firmware update?


Who else agrees with me?

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the idea Dysanovic - this is something I can pass to the hub team. Would also be interested to hear what others think? Thx Kerry

Yes good idea, maybe there could be a dual time function similar to that found in clock radios


I would like the ability to switch of HUB 4 overnight


This is basically the same as what I was coming on here to say. I would like an enhancement to the menu so that I can configure more time zones than just the one (so off at night and also when I am at work), and also to be able to configure different controls during weekdays and weekends. For example I could configure my son's Xbox so that he has wifi access up to 21:00hrs during the week but perhaps a bit later on a Friday/Saturday night.


I created this post in June 2011. In that time BT have NOT issued any updates to my HomeHub3.


To those that have replied to this post, you'll soon find out that BT don't listen to their customers.


BTs Infinity is grossly overrated and I'm really looking to forward to leaving once my 18 month contract (which I thought was a 12 month contract - more BT small print) finally ends.