Direct Debit date change

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Allow flexibility for the customer to change there Direct Debit mandate date to a date of there choosing instead, this will make it more convenient and a lot easier.


The customer should only be allowed to change the date only once per month after the due amount for that month has been payed.

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Status changed to: Implemented
Hi meman887, thanks for the idea! This already exists so marking as implemented. If you pay by monthly payment plan you can change the payment date to one that suits you. Currently this is limited to 2 changes in any 12 month period, so I will feed back your thoughts on more frequent changes to the billing team. If you want to change your DD date, you can contact us using the live chat link in the billing board. Thx Kerry
Newbie can only change your direct debit date if you are on the Montly Payment Plan!! If you currently pay by whole bill direct debit then there is no flexibility at all!


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You can only change if you pay yor whole bill by DD? Dont you have to pay all your bill by DD if you pay that way anyway?