Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

I've just come off the telephone to them and yet again all they do if provide BT with a first line of defence, lie and fob customers off. At no point do they even try to provide help, I'd put good money on the reason being that they can't as they are totally unqualified and are pointless from a customers perspective.


BT take heed, I refuse to spend one more minute of my time trying to hold a conversation with a call centre that obviously has a brief to ignore customers, lie and just read from a script.


All my own opinion and taken from experience.

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Fully agree, was overcharged by £50 last year and spoke to three indian based call guys, all three said they saw the problem and I'd be refunded, never was.  One of the mods here did it in 3 days.  Took a year to sort out.

I would like to see a reaction from someone in BT to the posts that have been made to see if they actually take notice of the responses by this forum Can someone who is responsible at BT please join in this forum to give those that have experienced the issues with these call centres have an alternative who they can secure help BT - Isn't it your policy that if someone is having issues with the Indian Call Centre i.e. understanding the language, that a BT account holder can ask to speak with someone in UK who can be understood?
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Having just come off a 50 min phone call with CS India I fully agree with other comment.  The frustration with the script reading intransigent CS India certainly does not reflect well on BT.  I asked for a manger which took 10+ minutes on hold probably hoping I would ring off but I just put on speaker and worked away until  I heard a voice.  however it was no more the manager more like another CS agent posing as the manager and when asked for his name which I made him spell slowly - Henry William Christopher - believe that


It's about time BT took heed of all these comments and did away with the obnoxious CS India


OK, I have ended up here because yet again I had a frustrating experience with BT Call Centres, and yes they are the Indiam call centres.

They are not rude to me, but the process they follow is infuriating to the point of making me rude to them.  They do not, and cannot seem to listen.  If they do listen, they mis-understand.  They will insist on following their flow chart.


In the few times I have rung them I think I age 5 years each time.




Feel (a bit) better now.


BT, I hope you take note of people taking the time to rant and make these points.  



Phoned the call centre yesterday.  Dreadful, the girls accent was very strong and I had difficulty understanding her, the quality of the call was poor and she kept fading.  She admitted she had no training on tablets, but wouldnt pass me to someone who could help me. The problem is still not fixed and feel that BT are saying this is how it is, put up with it! Already looking at other companies.

I agree to get rid of Indian call centers but would feel bad if they all lost there jobs as they are just people who BT are using as cheap labour. I totally agree with they can be rude and lie all the time and don't know what the hell there doing and again I don't blame them they have rubbish training and the money they get is not good. Don't get me wrong those call centers drive me so mad, I want them gone but would feel awful for the poor people in them who probably live in poverty anyway so BT get rid of the terrible Indian call center but please find them all jobs too don't just sack them.

Totally agree

Over 12 years experience "talking" to Bangalore always frustrating, time consuming and pointless.


1 Language problems

2 Cultural issues - they  don't understand geography, population, distances how the country works etc...

3 Technical incompetence I am it literate, build computers repair pc/laptop/mobiles and understand the science of electronics but am treated by BT India like I am a 5 year old with no ability at all and when I question any technical issues it's clear they are clueless!

Am I prejudiced?

My friend who is INDIAN recently lost it with BT India treating him like a **bleep** and told them to F***** in Indian!

Shocked call centre person then apologised.

I rest my case.

I have had to escalate our latest problems to Ganin Peterson BT CEO becuase of BT incompetence in call centres and BT open reach who are a law unto themselves.

Case solved in 3 days that had previously been insoluble in under 3 weeks according to call centres.



Just like the energy industry government intervention and lies creates issues which they don't admit to being "good politicians"


I was £ 480 in Credit in January but try getting a refund from BT !!!


I was told it is unfair, by a BT representative, to compare with other companies who refund immediately any overpayments. I did not swear but wanted to explode!!


I managed manually using MyBT to get £ 75 and £ 89 but a block is put on a full refund.


I was told to wait 3 months for the Bill date. Then on that date to wait a further 3 months.

No Refund came then came an increase automatically of my Direct Debit to £60 a Month ? When I am so much in Credit !


Calls take at least 20 minutes on the 150 number and if they ever get answered. You are told " nothing can be done as that is the system".


I am trying to leave BT but they will not refund a prepaid charge for Line Rental.


They are also charging £ 26 a month for BTInfinity until 19 September but have FAILED to install this since April ! They also want a cancellation fee for somerthing they have NOT provided when I ordered BTInfinity.

They say I am in DEBT to them !!!


The poor moderators here try to help but there are only 6 for all BT.

The Customer Services is non-existent by phone and emails take for ever (So much for Instant Messaging concepts).

For a Communication Company it is ironic that they cannot or will not Communicate with its Customers.


I have contacted Watchdog and will also contact my Solicitor.

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All i can say this is a must im sick of having to deal with people who read from a script and who are trained to run speedtests only. In the past to fix a simple issue i was force to recontract what should never have happened this was due to the support staff lack of contract and knowlage of TCP/IP. But the lack of knowlage and training i find when i have to contact the support line is shocking ive had people in sales know more and help better than the indian call centres BT need to drop ASAP.


Sadly im sucky with BT mainly due to only fibre provider in my area unless i got with Virgin Media in december as BT wont fix a copper fault between the cabnet and exchange the engineer blamed on REIN interfreance and attempted to blame my internal network in the house even when loking at pass results on a land tester.

Being both new to BT and these forums, I had to support this thread. I have had numerous frutrating calls with the overseas operations and find it counter intuitive that Order Management is based there where the majority of customer support will be required. The lady I talked to two days ago could neither find my name nor order number despite me phonetically going through both at least 4 times each. Quite clearly UK sales staff who very often are the first to take the call are as equally frustrated with the situation as anyone else judging by their reactions to my poor customer support. In all honesty it really shouldn't be this difficult and despite my recent switch from another provider, you take this poor element out of the equation and I would have a relatively positive experience.