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Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

I've just come off the telephone to them and yet again all they do if provide BT with a first line of defence, lie and fob customers off. At no point do they even try to provide help, I'd put good money on the reason being that they can't as they are totally unqualified and are pointless from a customers perspective.


BT take heed, I refuse to spend one more minute of my time trying to hold a conversation with a call centre that obviously has a brief to ignore customers, lie and just read from a script.


All my own opinion and taken from experience.

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so agree on this one 


Should this idea be closed? Pretty sure BT are doing this now after a lot of feedback like this

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It would appear that BT now have an explicit policy of repatriating Indian call centres.


At the time of writing, most of the existing BT Retail or EE call centres are in The North. The closest such call centre to London is in Canterbury.


Naturally, BT are trying to put a positive spin on it - however, I can't help noticing that the fall in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote means that perhaps Indian call centres are not quite as cheap for UK companies as they once were.


I joined Bt because of I thought being a big company they would look after there customers, how wrong was I, as I found out a week or so ago, broadband trouble, fiber broadband, well to save everyone from reading a long boring post, and as must everyone have already said what I totally agree with, I am off as soon as my contract up, that day can't come soon enough, bye bye I going.
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BT will go bust...
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BT have repatriated a lot of work from our offshore call centres back to the UK and continue to do so.  If you have an issue you need help with please create a thread on the relevant community board