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I find the Home Hub to be reliable, but inadequate in some areas on functionality:


1. Keep recent traffic stats data at a short time scale and keep stats stats on a per device basis have used most data in a time window. This does not have to consume lots of memory, it could be a single EWA counter per device.


Rationale 1: I found my link slow and unresponsive the other day and after hunting around it turned out that my wife's computer was downloading 500MB worth of updates automatically. Make this easy to figure out from the central point that is able to see all the traffic. 

2. Keep traffic usage data on a daily basis.

Rationale 2: the users usage data on the hub is not in sync with billing intervals. As a consequence, it is not helpful with regard to planning a package upgrade or managing funds to pay bills.


3. Add QoS options so users can prioritize traffic.


Rationale 3: There appear to be large inbound and outbound buffers that frequently causes poor performance. I want my work VLAN to be prioritized over my kids XBox downloads. This afternoon the RTT to my office went up from 70ms to 300ms. A 300ms RTT kills interactive sessions, telnet, ssh, remote desktop.


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Hi flamethrower, thanks for the idea. The purpose of the Ideas Bank is currently for ideas and suggestions to improve the community itself and i'm afraid that as this isn't something I can change on the forum have marked as not suitable. I've passed your feedback onto the Home Hub team so they can consider it. 🙂 Thx Kerry