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The forum is starting to get very popular. Sometimes when I look at the threads in the BB Home section and know the answer to a question that has been asked, I find my self just ignoring it due to the fact that the question has been answered many times before.


I thought that if there were an incentive there, like every month the top 3 users with the most solutions gets a discount on their broadband for that month.
- 1st  Place £20

- 2nd Place £10

- 3rd Place £5


To allow fair play, users can only be top 3 once per quarter (3 months). This allows fair play to other members and means there will be 9 different winners! There can be more conditions added to prevent cheating etc... 


Not only will it encourage more members to help, it will also make those that are not so techy to do some research to help find a solution for others. In this process the forum members become more knowledgeable; in future the knowledge may help them sort out their own problems.

Plus! the hit and run will hopefully fall dramatically.

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I like the idea eamdad - not sure what budget BT would be willing to put up for it though. However, surely giving a discount as you suggest would not cost that much in the grand order of things. After all I have seen, in this forum and on the BT related News Groups, that people who are coming to the end of their contract with BT and have requested a MAC have been offered quite reasonable discounts on their subscriptions.


I would be interested in others' views, particularly the mods.



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I worked out £35 is the perfect figuire. Its rough revenue of one customer per month, not really a big hit in the finances 😛




I don't agree with this I am afraid. It would imply that there is a form of warranty from BT that the posts of the top posters are correct. There would be little way of checking other than reading every post. At present advice is freely given and there is no incentive to post any old rubbish just to make the months top poster award. Once you bring incentives you go begin to go down a slippery slope.

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Interesting idea Eamdad... this is something i'd like to get a wider response on. What does everyone else think about this?
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Im suprised at the little activity in this area of the forum 😞

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It's certainly an interesting idea, which could work well (possibly a different reward system).  The only possible drawbacks (to me anyway) would be the possibility of threads being swamped with users posting the same answer & competing to get rewarded with being the one to give a solution.


You also have the possibility of people handing out a lot of 'duff' info (they think they know more than they actually do & post accordingly). 


I see where Tuliptownman is coming from, but post count wouldn't be of any use to anyone hoping to get on the reward ladder as it would be solutions rather than post counts (if I'm reading your suggestion correctly Eamdad)


At the end of the day there will be those members of the forums who will try to help who know a bit about IT & the Internet, those who know quite a lot and those who know nothing.  Hopefully everyone would be able to learn something new (as they are doing at the moment hopefully).


I like the idea & will give some more thought to the pros & cons of it & post back.  A good & interesting idea non the less.

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What a great idea. You might make some of the money back BT charge you in error, that not everyone notices...
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I totally agree with tuliptownman  a way to a slippery slope  of duff information being posted, also the biggest problem to using solved posts is that very few posters actually  bother to  post there problems as solved in relation to posts displayed there is an old saying Money is the root of all evil   and I think this certainly applies here 

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I'm afraid that I dont agree with this.


It wont work and I think that it's just not a good idea.


We will get thousands of posts flooding in, new and existing members logging in and posting lots of incorrect information, stats padding and people begging for kudos.


Not a good idea!


Let's leave it how it is.

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I agree with ttyrie comments in that there are enough superfluous posts and people begging for kudos at present and a rewards system will only exacerbate the situation.


leave it as it is