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Remove the "Moved Thread" redirects

Remove the "Moved Thread" redirects

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So I was navigating around the forum and I keep coming across sections of the forum which are littered in thread redirections, left over when the CL's or forum mods move a thread.


In a few instances, these threads are moved to sections that only mods and CL's can access, so the redirects for them are pointless as they will leave a link that nobody can click through. Example:


Could the mods please do more to get rid of these pointless redirects or at least look into ways to stop them being generated when moved to certain boards? They don't do much except clutter the forum section and hide the useful posts from view. If it's even possible with Lithium, can they be set to expire after a day or two? Some sections of the forum are just littered in so many thread redirect notices that it's impossible to find actual threads.


The same should be done for posts: there's no real need to leave a "Moved this post" redirect in threads and it just looks horribly messy when you look through some threads, only to find that the majority of the posts are just mods/cl's moving posts.



Distinguished Sage
by Distinguished Sage on ‎24-11-2015 17h59

I do not see it as a big deal that somebody has to "take issue" with it but each to their own.

I have the same feeling no big deal