Secondary access for BT FON and Openzone

Secondary access for BT FON and Openzone

It would be helpful if the BT Broadband account holder could nominate one sub-account to have free access to the hotspots, in addition to the main e-mail account.


A parent could nominate a young person who may be away from home, at university or college.


This would avoid the need for the primary e-mail account details to be revealed.


The account holder would still be responsible for hotspot usage, and could suspend the access if needed.




I think this is very good idea and it would make lots of people lifes easier

Adding weight to the 'it's a good idea' camp; but how about this 'work-around': - edit your 'primary account details' so that some other email address (to which you have access) and password is specified ? then any emails etc keyed to the original primary email address remain 'secure' (they are not, but that is a different topic), and the new details can be given to anyone needing hotspot access whilst out and about..

It is astounding that you can't do this already. 

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Agree 100%

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Definitely agree this should be done - two different users who jointly pay for a BT account should both get access to BT Wi-Fi - even if there has to be one overall usage limit.

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Indeed. Separate accounts are needed for BT SmartTalk, yet BT Wi-fi needs the primary log-in.


Doesn't look like the two departments talk to each other when designing products.


I agree and am amazed that this issue has been around for so long without BT implementing it.


BT broadband is clearly provided for a family (why else would it have Parental Controls).  To then arbitrarily limit the BT hotspot access to whoever happens to be named as the account holder makes little sense.  Indeed it is not so limited just that the account holder has to provide his/her family with the full log in details to enabe them to use it and thereby enabling children to use these details to override parental controls.  Has this been thought through?  What is preventing implementation of the obvious solution?