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I thought it might be a good idea to show what packages / features you take from BT. I have seen this in use on a number of different forums and is placed underneath the avatar.


This would allow us to see what everyone else currently subscribes to!



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If this is implemented, can I strongly suggest that it's turned off by default ?

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I wouldn't suggest that this is linked to your account and very much doubt that this would be possible due to the security of the database.


It would be more of a section where you enter your own products or select from a list to be shown.

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Thanks guys. Would others like to be able to add this info to their profile? In the meantime you can use your signature to add this info if you wanted to. K
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When I was a mod on a previous ISPs forums we used to ask members to put their package and modem in their signature to save time asking about those.  Having it in or around the avatar area would be good.

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I'd prefer not to share by default, but have the option to add a hashcode from desktop help that allowed the mods to identify my line and services. That way the mods get what they need to help without me displaying it publicly.

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Its mind your own business for me on this one