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BT Usage Monitor

Status: More Feedback Needed
by vofsanity on ‎17-11-2011 13h13

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion guys - i've passed on this initial feedback but would like to see what other people's thoughts are - add you feedback in the comments. Thx Kerry
on ‎09-01-2013 1h33

In full support of this, would be nice to get an update as I think it has enough feedback.

by TonyHL
on ‎09-01-2013 22h40



definitely in favour of some improvents to the usage monitor!!


breakdown by day and/or device would help track down problems. historical trends would also be good.


bit techie but some breakdown by protocol too e.g http smtp ftp etc.

by andy12432
on ‎09-01-2013 23h46

The usage monitor definately needs improving. Hourly updates should be possible.

A daily update is not enough, especially when the update is delayed by 12 hours before being displayed, or as recently when not updated for 3 days.

The usage up to midnight should be displayed at midnight not several hours later, it used to be updated before 10AM, but now is around midday. I assume it is a attempt to supposedly comply with ofcom in providing a usage monitor but not really giving current usage data to get people to mistakenly exceed their limit and incur a charge.

If I download 1GB between midnight and 1AM, it does not get displayed on the usage monitor until almost 36 hours later.

by lobsterlee
on ‎12-01-2013 0h08
Please update... Around 15gb of data in 48hrs and bt can't even tell me where it went or even replied to my query! (Never used my whole monthly allowance before)... And all this data within the first 5 days of this month! Now I'm on eggshells til the 31st! Usage was normal first 3 days & then BANG... Then back to normal!!!! Feels like I've been caught speeding when I'm not even in my car...
on ‎12-01-2013 1h15

If Plusnet can do it then there is no reason why BT can't and absolutely no reason why they shouldn't.


Not to give customers the tools to manage their account (data usage) shows a total disregard of their (BT's) customer base.


Data usage is possible to "monitor in real time" at worst within an hour.

by nomegustamucho
on ‎12-01-2013 10h40

HI I just found this via the BT forums.  I don´t know how the Plusnet monitor is accessed. Do you need to faff about logging on to IP website then navigate etc. only to find like on MyBT it´s not working? 


What I want is an icon in my Windows (7) taskbar/notofication area with popups when I get near a limit I set. OK. Where I can see past usage etc.

So its a an installed program that talks to a server possibly on the Home Hub. BTW I have the original old white one.


I won't  hold my breath.


by Words
on ‎13-01-2013 12h56
A PlusNet style monitor would be a really excellent addition and would help users control usage. A desktop app would also be handy, but a near-live service with usage breakdown is the minimum we should expect from a major broadband provider.
by bearbelly
on ‎13-01-2013 14h38

Since the present useage meter is running a couple of days late the suggestion of a meter which updates every 2 hours is almost mindblowing. But can a company as large as BT make a quick decision on a relatively small issue..... I wonderMan Wink

by GordonC
on ‎13-01-2013 23h11

Anything better than we have at the moment would be an improvement.......and pretty much anything would be better !!!!  For the 2nd time this month the current system has failed. Updates every few hours would be very useful for those of us who are suffering unexplained high usage.

by blackfive
on ‎14-01-2013 16h56
Count me in for this. How BT feel that they can charge us for going over without providing us with reliable means of monitoring it is beyond me. Until this is fixed BT should suspend charging for overuse.

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