BT Usage Monitor

BT Usage Monitor

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 


Definitely a good idea. Anything that works will be an improvement!


My Bt broadband usage monitor has been unavailable since Feb 2011! So just having a usage monitor would be great.


Apart from the MyBT monitor being 'daily' and not working a lot of the time, I don't get regular warnings when I get over 75% of my usage ... that's another problem.


So an easily accessed, regularly up-dated monitor would be a great idea.

I am new here, however, pleased with the service so far, however, the usage tool is wildly inaccurate. I get very annoyed when for days on end I use the same bookmarks, NO video, No music, or downloads, and find I have gone from an avarage of 300 odd mbs to 1.3 + Gbs.


I keep a daily check on my usage using several means, and complain every time it shoots up for no apparent reason.


I am pleased to report that the latest version of the usage monitor now gives the monthly total for each of the last 12 months, the daily total for each of the last 31 days as well as the cumulative total for the current month.  This is still not up to the Plusnet standard but shows that BT has more data available to it than they have let us know so they should be able to provide the information that we need.

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Sounds great - just wish I could access it! Or at least, understand why I can't!

I do not know about the plusnet facility but I spent quite some time on 2nd January attempting to find out how much broadband I had used in December. It does not seem to be available. A more informative facility would be most welcome.


I do find it remarkable that BT don't incorporate a usage monitor into the router.  I've just checked and I have fourteen devices connected to my network, two of them I cannot identify, and no way to know which of those items is actually draining my bandwith.  I pay a premium for infinity to ensure that my occasional home office works (I only work from home occasionally), but when my VOIP drops out, I want to know why.


After introducing a new monitor that as well as giving the usage this month, it also gave the totals for the last 12 months and for the last 31 days, BT have now withdrawn the usage monitor completely. This is unacceptable.  

BT appear to still be looking for feedback on whether they should adopt the Plusnet version. 


40 supporters in three years is so small to make them think that very few of their users care.

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genuinely if they implemented a better usage monitor (with realtime or atleast within an hour or two) and had better call centre customer service then I would probably stay with BT instead of running away as fast as i can the minute my contract is up.