Customer views and testing

Customer views and testing

My idea is that before abandoning an existing product (e.g. BT Digital Vault) and replacing it with something far more inferior (e.g. BT Cloud) you try asking customers what they think of the new service. 


And while you're at it, you could try getting some of your IT people to test if for both useability and functionality.


Because it seems to me that none of this has been done and I am having Digital Vault ripped from under me to be replaced by a pile of p**.

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As someone on a package that only qualifies for 2GB of storage, BT Cloud seems utterly pointless to me.  A 4GB memory stick costs hardly anything, requires no special software and I can look after it however I like.


My main backup medium is a 1TB external hard disk, which stores 500 times as much data.  Even if I upgraded to 50GB storage, that's still only a tenth of the size of the hard disk in my computer, and a twentieth of the size of my backup disk.


How are you supposed to back up your computer onto something that stores only a fraction of what your computer's hard disk does?

If its cloud storage backup of normal Hard Disk contents, the cloud service providers want you to spend money and lots of it 😞