BT Usage Monitor

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 

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I have commented previously that I think BT needs a more sophisticated monitor. Especially when you are trying to track down excessive usage (and gettting additional monthly charges). I have had to monitor daily and record in my own spreadsheet to work out when usage is taking place.

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Can we have some BT response on this please ?

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I would welcome this with open arms, I record data daily.

BT please implement this system asap.


It is an idea, but I am happy with the one we have - as long as it works.


Really needs to update in periods of 3 hours.


Having had my rant on the forum - I want to vote for a speedy?? update to usage to tell me whch device; consumed what; doing what type of stuff. That's all!


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This sounds far superior to the one we have now, and hopefullywill be more reliable.


Come on BT please assist your customers to help themselves. The current monitor version launched in Spring 2012 has excessive downtime, provides minimal information and requires a daily customer logon and screen prints to collate information that could surely be made available to us via your subcontractor's computers. Its like an old fashioned calculator that only holds one value in its memory. Also when it breaks and restarts, you miss days of information. When I get charged for going over my limit, I want to go back see the usage everyday for the previous month, so I can see when the spike in usage was and then check my PC for what happened that day - then I can solve the problem. More cash for you in the long term as fed up customers will eventually leave. You must be already working on a replacement - please update on the plans. 


I also would like BT to provide this level of usage detail, come on BT get on with it ...

If you are going to have options with limits and charge for excess then you MUST provide

better and more timely usage infromation.

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I'd stake money that what we see on Plusnet is a beta of what will arrive to us before long. I'd also throw a few coins in that the BT platform is running on older hardware / software and needs upgrading whereas Plusnet started with shiny new kit. Hopefully it won't be too long . . .