BT Usage Monitor

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 


yes yes good idea, and also how about its accessibility can we have it on our desktop instaed of having to access our account?

Bought an iPad to read e-books at night & my broadband usage shot up prompting e-mails from BT warning me about using my allowance before the month was up. Although the iPad stores your books on its memory the device roams all the time it's on so the answer to this (and it might apply to any android / device etc) is to pull the plug on the hub when you want to use the device but not the Internet.
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I personally like the idea if it could be done easily 

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Thanks for the suggestion guys - i've passed on this initial feedback but would like to see what other people's thoughts are - add you feedback in the comments. Thx Kerry
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Another great idea! 😄 To expand on creon's comment, I'd LOVE to see a dashboard widget for OS X! 😄

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I am in agreement with the above. In fact, I have never even been able to view my monitor!




What would be nice if it is possible to categories the devices and view the data transmission on each then using that data to further analyse what data is being used as mentioned before

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Very good suggestions,but I'm just a tad worried that the more complex it is the more it could go wrong.



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I wouldlike to have one that can show me what devices are connected and how much each device uses and if possible a way for me to limit each device to a certian speed This would be really helpful and should stop me from going over the limits
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I have just found this after asking if BT provided this service in the BB forum, so as far as I am concerned it should already be available, I mean BT are supposed to be the leaders not playing catch up, I wonder why BT are so hesitant to be transparent about customer usage?