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BT Usage Monitor

Status: More Feedback Needed
by vofsanity on ‎17-11-2011 13h13

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion guys - i've passed on this initial feedback but would like to see what other people's thoughts are - add you feedback in the comments. Thx Kerry
by clothtabs
on ‎29-12-2014 11h49

It's been over 2 years since this idea was posted and it's status was raised to awaiting more feedback.

Hasn't BT had enough feedback by now, or are they not really interested in improving their usage monitor ?

It's time the idea status was updated.

by clothtabs
on ‎29-12-2014 11h53

Correction, it's been over 3 years since this idea was posted.

Clearly BT aren't interested in this idea or this forum !

by Fansapurkar
on ‎15-05-2015 15h32

If we get text message also to confirm usage. Also set sms or email to exeed usage or any limit so to avoide dispute and over usage.

by vofsanity
‎12-05-2016 16h39 - edited ‎12-05-2016 16h40

A1944 has made the following discovery :-



This facility was available 01-01-2014( see post above) but I reported it withdrawn in my post above on the ‎23-09-2014 12h55.


Let us hope that it will also be restored to unlimited customers.

by feegee
on ‎31-03-2017 15h06

Image result for shocked emoticon Wow, almost 5 years ago when this was first suggested and there has still been nothing noteworthy done about the inferior usage monitor !!! My guess is that BT don't want to because it would give customers more control over their own usage (especially in cases of dispute)   ....... oops, hang on here, maybe that's the plan, don't let them know what they use then we can rake it in                                                                

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